Read what our clients are saying about Revolution Community Bodywork!

“It’s not the health benefits, though significant, that drive me to a weekly massage. It’s the pleasure I experience as contracted muscles and tendons slowly expand, releasing their tension. I’m barely conscious of that tension as a session begins, but it’s increasingly palpable as one limb unwinds while the others remain knotted. Each masseuse at Revolution, and I have seen three, is an expert at finding those knots and untying them. There is nothing in this world like a great massage! As a weekly Revolution customer for over three years, I can confirm that every session has been a peak experience.”
–A. R.

I discovered Revolution Bodywork via a groupon almost 2 years ago. It was during a stressful period of my life (I was transitioning in my work and my mother passed away after many years of illness) where I decided that a monthly massage may be helpful. Within a couple of months I realized the best way to manage my stress would be to increase the frequency of massages-which I did-to twice a monmth. That’s when I started to notice the difference. Once a month felt good, but twice a month helped keep my stress levels at a far more manageable level. Then I had a thought…what would happen if I tried to do this on a weekly basis? I weighed the pros and cons-i.e. the cost and time commitment, and after careful consideration, came to the conclusion that my health and well being are not just priceless but without it, I would be paying a much higher cost (getting run down & sick, feeling overwhelmed, etc.). Weekly massage has now become a staple in my self-care. I am much happier, less reactive, seldom catch a cold and better able to cope with unanticipated life stressors. I am glad I gave this gift to myself and I recommend that you do the same.