Custom 60 Minute Massage

Custom 60 Minute Massage

For anyone who has had a massage with us, you know that our two main massage services are Swedish and Therapeutic Massage. Here at Revolution, we use “Swedish” to denote a sixty minute massage, and “Therapeutic” for the ninety minute treatment. We do this because we believed this would be the easiest way to name the treatments, and what to expect in that time. The two modalities have very different strokes, intention, and outcomes.

However, as time has gone by, we’ve noticed that there’s been widespread confusion over the term “Swedish”, and clients wonder why we don’t have a sixty minute Therapeutic option. What if a client comes in and wants to relax, but also has an area or two that needs extra attention? This is the usual approach we take during a one hour massage, a combination of relaxation and some focused, deeper work on a particular area.

Here’s a brief run down on the differences: A true Therapeutic massage takes longer than an hour and cannot be done on a full body scale, as the point of Therapeutic massage is deep, focused work, causing the superficial muscles to relax, and letting us get into the “deeper tissues”. This takes time to be done right, and many people would like the full body addressed in addition to their issues. That is why we give it a longer time block. Swedish massage however, can be done in an hour because the point is relaxation, increased circulation, and to release toxins within the muscles. We lay the framework for the body to do its work, and the body continues it through the rest of the day.

Relaxation and deeper tissue on a full body scale are the focus of this work-the best of both worlds-within the usual hour. We hope this name change will clarify the one hour massage treatment, and encourage the client to be active in planning their own unique treatment based on their needs.

Always consult the therapist you are working with if you have further questions as to what massage would be best for you. We are happy to answer questions and know that education is an important part of health and wellness.

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